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The Sharma Project

The 3 BHK 1000 Sft home, located in Bangalore, Devinagar belongs to  Anant Sharma, Co-Founder & Creative Head of Momo Media, a Bangalore based Advertising Agency. The given brief was very concise, the client mostly gave us pointers on functionality of the space, and the let us do all the thinking after that! his home is naturally very well lit, and so we wanted to really work with the light to build out a space that is bright with specific focal points. As a studio we love a natural palette and our client was in line with this so we used browns (in the form of furniture and highlight details like the hanging shelf/ pelmets/ kitchen shelves etc) and greens (with plants in as many places as we could) and a very limiter offshoot colours like yellow/ rust. 

The Foyer

This is the first nook on your right as you enter the home. The unit is designed carefully to house rarely accessed footwear in the enclosed shelves  as well as easy/ quick access footwear in the lower open part of the shoe rack. 

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The Living Room

The next space is the Living  Room, with a seating capacity of 5-6 people, and a few highlight products to direct ones focus towards. 

Living 01.jpg
Living 02.jpg

The highlights of the space are 1. The Rattan Pelmet Made using a wooden frame which houses a small sliver of rattan. Creating pelmets has somehow become a signature design add-on at our studio. It is one of the things we look forward to doing in all our projects 2. The Hanging shelf: It is a simple hanging wooden structure, fastened to the true ceiling, held together by classic wood joinery techniques and is rid of metal fasteners. .

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The Dining Room

If you make a 180 degree turn around from the Living room you will see the dining space with our two favorite pieces of furniture that we customized for the back wall . These two units work as cutlery & crockery storage respectively. They come as a pair and form two levels when placed next to each other allowing for some form of levelling on the bare back wall.  The units are defined distinctly by the tall and sleek legs that create an unusual, but interesting height. 

Kitchen 01.jpg
Dining 03.jpg
Dining 05.jpg

The Kitchen

The wall between dining and kitchen has been demolished and a larger opening has been created, small arched corners have been added to the opening to soften the sharpness of the entryway thereby creating a slightly more welcoming opening. 

Kitchens are usually extremely functional spaces, but we love kitchens and always strive to bring in as many creative-inspiring elements to engage the users and create a lovely cooking experience! And so we have introduced a few here: 

1. The Kitchen Display shelf: this shelf breaks the monotony in the kitchen and creates a fun space to house decorative cookware and plants or spices etc. 

2. The Breakfast counter: This serves as a divider as well as a connector to the two spaces. It is a sturdy, classic style breakfast counter, functional and neutral in tone.  

3. The Appliance shelf: This is another one of our favorite details from the project. This specific corner of the kitchen was turning out a bit dull during the design stage. So we decided to add some details to the usually monotonous fully enclosed traditional appliance unit!

Kitchen 02.jpg
Kitchen 04.jpg

The Study

This room is the first bedroom on your right down the corridor. It is converted to a utility PACKED study/ jam room/ dressing room. It has a little space for the storage of books, a small study desk, tons of space for storage of clothes and most importantly a little nook to store an amp and guitar with a bay window right next to it to sit and play or read when you need a break from working! 

Study 01.jpg
Study 02.jpg

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is the last room along the corridor, and is visually very silent, with light coloured wardrobes that almost blend into the shell of the space. 


In this space we have added a single highlight element which is the deep pink carpet from Carpet Kingdom. It is a hand knotted rug made from recycled saree silk and cotton, and draws inspiration from the Nasr- Al - Mulk mosque in Shiraz, Iran. 

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